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Electromechanical Relays

Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.'s electromechanical relays are certified by UL for the US and Canada, with most having TUV ratings.  The relays are available in a variety of amerage, ranging from less than 1 amp up to 80 amps.  Relays can be made with both AC or DC coils.  They come sealed for wave soldering and washing, thereby allowing the relays to be efficiently implemented on any assemble line.  Also available are surface mount low current relays.

CAS/CS Series CAS/CS Series DPDT PC-DIP 2.0 Amp
T Series T Series Subminiature DPDT 1 Amp
BS/BAS/SC Series BAS/BS/SC Series SPDT PC-DIP 1,2 or 5 Amp
HBS Series HBS Series SPDT 1 Amp
AKF Series AKF Series SPDT 30 Amp
RPR Series RPR Series SPDT 10 Amp
HPR Series HPR Series SPDT 10 Amp, Thin Package
KLT Series KLT Series SPDT 3,6,12,15,20 Amp
SLT Series SLT Series SPDT, Miniature 10,20 Amp
PLT Series PLT Series SPDT 20,25 Amp
SSD Series SSD Series SPDT 3,6,10 Amp
MHR Series MHR Series SPDT, Low Profile 10,16 Amp
HAT901 Series HAT901 Series SPDT 30,40 Amp
HAT902 Series HAT902 Series SPDT 30,40 Amp
HAT903 Series HAT903 Series SPDT 30,40 Amp
HAT904 Series HAT904 Series DPDT 30 Amp
HAT905 Series HAT905 Series SPDT 50 Amp
HPK Series HPK Series SPDT 35 Amp
CARB Series CARB Series Single Pole Automotive 30 Amp
CAR40 Series CAR40 Series Automotive Relay 30,40 Amp
CAR80 Series CAR80 Series Automotive Relay 80 Amp
CAR100 Series CAR100 Series Automotive Relay 100 Amp
KSD Series KSD Series DPDT, Miniature 6 Amp
SPR Series SPR Series SPDT 12,16 Amp/DPDT 8 Amp
PR Series PR Series SPDT 10,20 Amp/DPDT 10 Amp
PRP Series PRP Series DPNO 18 Amp
UJ Series UJ Series SPDT/DPDT/4PDT, Mini Power
UJJ Series UJJ Series DPDT/3PDT/4PDT
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